3 things to know about selling a home

Selling a home in the current economy can be challenging, although the market is certainly improving.  Nevertheless, there are some easy guidelines that can help you get your house sold quickly, so that you don’t have to live through open house after open house:

●     Get your house in order (literally). Even before you contact a real estate agent, a simple cleanup can make sure you are showing your home off to its best advantage. This can also help you get the best price.  Think about what you would want to see at an open house – if there are minor repairs or paint touch-ups to be done, do them.  Remove clutter and consider sending your pets elsewhere during your open house.  Your real estate agent (and bank balance) will thank you.

●     Choose (or don’t choose) a real estate agent. You may be tempted to go it alone when it comes to selling a home – and if you have the time and connections to give your house the marketing exposure it really needs, that may work for you.  However, if your goal is a speedy sale (especially in a tough economy), finding a reputable real estate agent can be well worth their commission. It may even save you a few mortgage payments in the long run! A good local real estate agent will also know what prices have been like in your neighborhood – they will have the most realistic view of what your home is worth and how to price it.

●     Be patient. Selling a home takes time, even if it’s a relatively fast sale.  It can seem that from the time you put your house on the market until closing and moving day, you must keep everything in perfect condition – for someone else – just in case a potential buyer stops by or in case a pending sale falls through.  In the end, it’s worth the effort. The better your home looks, the more effectively you and your real estate agent can get it sold.
Selling a home may not have the fun shopping aspects that come with buying a home, but sticking to the simple guidelines above can help make the process more bearable – and more lucrative.

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