Home improvement projects are meant to add value, increase buyer appeal and livability. But some decisions do more harm than good. Poor choices can leave you with serious regrets, and a house that just won’t sell. Here are 3 improvement projects to avoid:

1. Building in the garage.

Converting a garage is a popular strategy these days. But any investor will tell you that it’s a bad idea. Simply put, an extra bedroom is valuable, but garage space is more valuable. To make the most of your house, don’t sacrifice your garage!

2. Adding a screened enclosure

Building in rooms with screen enclosures might feel like a good idea. It could add square footage, and be a great place to entertain, right? Unfortunately, the bottom line is that a screened-in space will cost you a lot, and won’t add much value.

Instead of putting money into a screened room, try increasing outdoor entertaining space without the screen. An outdoor patio space or outdoor kitchen will be more worth your while.

3. Converting bedrooms

Having a home office or gym can add value to a home. But be careful. Don’t make a room too specialized, or it will hinder your sales-price. Always make sure that the room you create can easily be converted back into whatever a potential buyer wants (ex: bedroom, home office, nursery, gym, etc.) Installing a home office wall-to-wall desk and cabinetry set, for example, is not your best bet.

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