If you’re considering remodeling your home, first consider this; The kitchen is where you’ll see the most return on your investment, even in a down economy. But not all kitchen design decisions will increase your home’s value. Read on to find out which moves will bring in the buyers, and what can keep your house from selling.

Keep the Neighbors in Mind

The national average cost for a major kitchen remodel is $58,367, which gets you a cool $40,126 in return resale value. When you’re considering what to spend on your kitchen remodel, you want to be careful not to over-budget for your neighborhood.

State of the art appliances and fancy custom cabinetry are appropriate for some neighborhoods, but you won’t see a great return if you over-remodel. Take a look at comps in the area with updated or remodeled kitchens and compare. If most of the homes in your neighborhood have granite countertops, then opt for that. But if all you’re seeing is corian or less expensive materials, forgo the granite and high-end expenses.

Consider a Face-Lift

A popular option for homeowners that want to remodel is what’s called a kitchen face-lift. Rather than spending big bucks to completely remodel, this is more of a replacement project than an overhaul. Minor kitchen updates, such as replacing cabinet doors, hardware, countertops, and appliances are said to bring in a return on investment of 72 percent. This is a great way to spend less and have a bigger impact on resale value.

Add Some Style

Kitchen trends in 2012 include focuses on decorative lighting, countertop inserts, and cabinet-matching panels for appliances. Maple cabinetry is a favorite this year, but always be sure to keep the style of your home in mind when decorating and remodeling. After all, installing an intricate mediterranean style kitchen in a sleek, modern house might just do more harm than good.

Furthermore, if you’re going to be living with your new kitchen for a while, it’s important to make it comfortable, usable, and appealing to you and your family. Don’t believe all the hype; create a house that feels like home to you.



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