Make the most of your space. Transform an empty corner into a comfortable sitting area that will make buyers immediately feel at home.

Here are some simple tips to get your home to look its best, and bring in the most bucks!

De-Clutter. Homes show best when they appear clean, fresh, bright & big, so getting rid of junk is a must for any seller. Try to go above and beyond by removing personal photos of family and friends. This allows buyers to picture themselves living in the home.

Clean out your closets to show buyers that there’s lots of extra storage space. Having closets and garages that are filled to the brim will give buyers the impression that there’s not enough space in the home for their stuff.

Move your furniture around. Too much furniture can make a room feel small and crowded. So think like a minimalist, and don’t be afraid to mix and match furniture from different rooms in the house.

Give each room a purpose. If there are places in your house that only serve to gather junk, you need to re-purpose these into something that adds value. So clean up that all-in-one exercise/office/storage room and give buyers a clear picture of how they can use the space. Guest bedrooms, nurseries, and home offices are great options that will appeal to buyers.

Paint. You’ve heard it before; a fresh coat of paint can easily transform any dull space. But beware of choosing wall colors that are too bold; they could scare off potential home buyers! Instead, opt for neutrals in white, beige, and gray hues. These are a safe-bet that will attract the most buyers.

Make rooms look bigger. To trick the eye, paint a room the same color as the adjacent room, like with a small kitchen and adjoining dining room. Painting them the same color makes the individual rooms feel like one large, continuous space. If you want to create the illusion of more space in somewhere like a living room, paint the walls the same color as your drapery. This is a sophisticated way to please the eye, and keep from breaking up a smaller room.

So there you have it! Use these tips to bring in buyers, and keep checking in to hear more!


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